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  • Kuşadası

    Located in the city of Aydın in the Aegean Coast of Türkiye, Kuşadası is a stunning resort town is a stone’s throw away from Ephesus, making it a picturesque fishing village with crystal clear waters and sensational beaches.

    As a major Mediterranean turn-around port for some of the world’s top cruise lines, Kuşadası offers a wide selection of superior accommodations.

    The top-class golf courses in the region located 60 km from İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport.  With 18 holes 2 different premium golf courses will be waiting to host you for an unforgettable experience.

    Within walking distance of the center are over 1,000 international quality guestrooms at four- and five-star properties. Within just a 15-minute drive, you enjoy an even wider selection, with delegates having an additional 5,000 rooms at their disposal, including luxury accommodations including golf facilities.

    • The House of Virgin Mary
    • Sirince Village
    • Aegean mezzes and fresh sea food
    • Fruit Wine
    • Smell of fig
    • Smell of olive oil
    • Feel the authenticity
    • Feel the zest of playing golf in a destination where peace and nature meet
    • Listen to local stories in the region
    • Hear swallows singing