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  • İstanbul

    İstanbul is the meeting point of the world. It has over 8,500 years of history as the capital of 3 empires, unique geography and inclusivity derived from different ethnicities and cultures. İstanbul is proud to have hosted an extensive list of high-level and successful golf events over the years. 

    İstanbul offers a variety of options, including top international and domestic golf courses, at a variety of price points as well as two different golf courses in Silivri and Kemerburgaz. This offer is combined with unique incentives amongst İstanbul’s historic venues, palaces, cisterns and more. İstanbul presents golf events with a variety of remarkable options to create truly outstanding events. After all, no other city in the world is blessed with a unique venue selection from the 4th century as well as sanctuaries from all three major religions. Touch the history with your golf stick!

    • Bebek Coast
    • Arnavutköy Coast
    • Blue Fish
    • Thornbut and fresh sea food
    • Turkish Breakfast
    • Smell of humid soil
    • Grass
    • Smell of sea and moss
    • Touch the city where two continents unite
    • Feel the cosmopolitanism created by ethnic differences throughout centuries
    • Seagulls chatter
    • Listen out various concerts in the city (art activities)